Wild Root Beer Making Workshop on February 25th

In late February, Transition Tallahassee will be teaming up with the Magnolia chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society, Bread and Roses Food Cooperative, and Wild Greens Community Cafe, to bring you a Wild Root Beer Making Workshop!

This workshop will teach how to make root beer using wild plant roots that grow all around us, such as sassafras, dandelion, and bull briar. Our previous wild foraging walk focused on gathering wild roots that are the mainstay of the winter season. Now, learn how to process these roots into a delicious root beer, and taste our concoction when the workshop is done!

This workshop will be facilitated by Scott Davis, Board of Directors Representative for the local chapter of Florida Native Plant Society, and knowledgeable facilitator of our recurring foraging walks.  The workshop takes place on Monday, February 25th, 2013, from 6-8PM in the kitchen at Wild Greens Community Cafe/Bread and Roses Food Cooperative (915 Railroad Ave).

Materials provided. Free to the public, but donations always appreciated!  For more information, contact: transition.tallahassee@gmail.com.