New year, new activities with Transition Tallahassee

It’s 2014, and Transition Tallahassee is on the move!

Last year, we hosted our first World Cafe community discussion, which featured presentations by six local environmental groups and had over 50 participants in attendance. The World Cafe also featured a performance by the Trashtronauts using upcycled instruments, and a presentation by local author & environmental activist Susan Cerulean. Look for a synopsis of the presentations and the projects that are coming out of them by our steering group member Mary Marcous, coming soon.

We also hosted our monthly film screenings with the UU Church and a coalition of local environmental groups, in addition to screenings of Gasland I and Gasland II with a coalition of environmental and social justice groups. Our members have been active in the campaign to label genetically engineered foods in Florida, and the fossil fuel divestment campaign as well.

2013 also contained several reskilling workshops hosted by Transition Tallahassee, including a wild foraging walk that was led by Aimee Leteux and featured as part of 7 Days of Local Delights, a week of events sponsored by the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance. Last, we hosted a Time Banking/Skill Share interest meeting, that was featured as part of the New Economy course taught through the IFAS Extension Center by Will Sheftall.

This year, we are moving forward with our dreams of starting a time & skill share in Tallahassee. At our January meeting, we compiled a list of skills held by our active members, as well as skills we would like to learn. Future plans include more skill workshops that are taught by Transition members, as well as skill workshops taught by community members with skills that our group members want to learn. We also plan to transcribe the list of skills we compiled onto a page on our website so that members can easily access and refer to it. The next step will be employing a social networking software to make this online skill exchange interactive, with participants able to create profiles and set up skill exchanges through the site.

Our member Jim Ball is also eagerly planning a “peak-oil simulation,” which will be an event in which participants are presented with peak oil scenarios and asked to respond to them and create solutions. The event should function something like a “choose-your-own-adventure” book. For more info about this, talk to Jim!

And, our first monthly film screening of this year was a huge success! We showed the film “Fixing the Future,” and Jim led a great discussion after the film. The next film is “Urban Roots,” a film about the urban farming movement, on Feb 23rd from 4-6pm at the UU Church.

Film screenings are always the 4th Sunday of the month from 4-6pm at the UU Church (2810 N Meridian Rd), refreshments provided (every now and then we take a month off due to holidays and such, so be sure to check the schedule under the ‘Events’ tab). Transition Tallahassee meetings are every 2nd Monday of the month from 6:30-8:00pm at the Oasis Center for Women & Girls (317 E Call St), refreshments provided. For more info, contact us at:!

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