Transition Tallahassee is a relatively new (started in 2012) local environmental organization that works to create community-led responses to peak oil and climate change, building resilience and happiness.

Mission Statement:

Transition Tallahassee focuses on three interconnected issues: peak oil, climate change, and financial crises.
We work to raise understanding of these three pressing issues in the Tallahassee community, as well as to aid and initiate local alternative infrastructure that will help smooth the transition away from fossil fuel energy, mitigate climate change and enhance economic, environmental and social resilience in the process.
As an organization, Transition Tallahassee seeks to model the peaceful, participatory world in which it desires to contribute.

Vision Statement:

We strive to create a network of concerned community members who possess the skills and knowledge to help Tallahassee make this much-needed transition.
We work to reconnect Tallahassee citizens with nature and each other, facilitate the reskilling of the Tallahassee community, and influence local policy to make it conducive to creating the resilient, post-oil-ready community for which we aim.
We work at the community-level, and believe that relocalizing the economy and building strong local communities is the best way to meet the coming challenges resulting from peak oil, climate change, and the related financial crises.
We recognize that Tallahassee, being a city with over 180,000 residents, is a very large entity to attempt to transform into a post-oil-ready, tight-knit community, and therefore, strive to branch off into smaller neighborhood and interest-based initiatives.