World Cafe Update

Transition Tallahassee and Tallahassee Sustainability Group are hosting a community discussion forum known as a World Cafe on Sunday, Sept 8th, 2013 from 1:30-4:00pm at the FSU Center for Global Engagement (110 S. Woodward Ave).

Although on FSU’s campus, the FSU Center for Global Engagement is very easy to access from off-campus. All you need to do is head north on S. Woodward Ave. from south of FSU campus on, say, Jefferson St. or Pensacola St. Once you pass Jefferson, the location will be soon on your left. There is a parking garage that is very convenient to the location. Just continue north on S. Woodward Ave. after passing the building on your left. Very soon, the road will curve to the right, and the parking garage will be on your left (the parking garage is visible from the event location). Get directions HERE.

The World Cafe will feature free refreshments and coffee, a live music performance from the Trashtronauts, a band that plays instruments made of recycled materials, and a guest presentation by local author, naturalist, and activist Susan Cerulean. The event is free and open to the public. Donations to help cover the event cost are appreciated, but by no means required.

Then, we’ve got five great breakout discussions on how to make the transition off of fossil fuels and towards a strong, resilient local economy. Members of Sustainable Tallahassee will be giving a presentation on starting local solar cooperatives. Folks from Tallahassee Food Network and Tallahassee Sustainability Group will be leading a workshop on building the local food economy. Martha Lang, Soil and Water Supervisor, and others will be facilitating a workshop on fossil fuel divestment and local reinvestment. Transition Tallahassee and Will Sheftall from the Extension Center are leading a workshop on the new economy and time banking, and David Brightbill, co-founder of Making Awesome makerspace, will be facilitating a workshop on building a local maker economy.

For updates and World Cafe schedule, please check out the Facebook event HERE.